Impact Report FY23

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The Solutions Project
We empower mission-driven teams to build a more equitable world and sustainable future.

Our impact work not only provides value to PagerDuty's community—our customers have made clear that our focus and progress in this space help them achieve their own goals.”

Jennifer Tejada (she/her)

Chairperson & Chief Executive Officer

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Social Impact highlights

We’re proud of our progress this year in accelerating PagerDuty’s Social Impact and ESG programs and investments.

nonprofit and B Corp
in product discounts and donations to impact organizations
in funding deployed
Pay equity
achieved with respect to gender; U.S.-based underrepresented minority pay equity brought to within $0.01
of employees volunteered or donated to a cause
of employees say PagerDuty’s social impact work makes them proud to work for the company, for the second consecutive year

Our people

We’re cultivating a company culture that connects employees to our purpose, to our strategy, and to one another. Our employees live our company purpose, champion our customers, and serve their communities.

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I believe civic engagement is an integral part of creating a better world. It is great that we have the opportunity through PagerDuty to support organizations and nonprofits that resonate with us.”

Camden Louie (she/her)
Senior Technical Trainer, San Francisco Community Responder and co-lead of Employee Resource Group, Illuminate

We are dedicated to building an organization that is truly inclusive, diverse, and equitable, and holding ourselves accountable to drive a greater sense of global belonging and opportunity.

Our products

We’re deploying PagerDuty’s platform to mission-driven organizations so they can streamline their urgent work, freeing them up to focus on their core mission.

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Nexleaf Analytics

Too often, corporations that offer free or discounted services to nonprofits end their engagement with NGOs after they have provided the licensing. PagerDuty has taken the time to ensure that those who benefit from their impact programs are truly positioned for success.”

Chris Hillis (he/him)
Co-Founder, Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC)

Philanthropic investments

We’re mobilizing our funding, product, people, and voice to meet our partners’ needs, and applying an equity framework across our strategic investments.

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Time-Critical Health

We support tech-forward organizations working to improve health outcomes for under-resourced communities by reducing inequities and increasing access to quality care.

Climate Equity

We support organizations tackling the climate crisis and building solutions by and for communities that have been acutely impacted.

The PagerDuty unrestricted grant and partner-centric approach gave us the confidence that we could pivot our program to address on-the-ground needs.”

Jason Friesen (he/him)
Founder/Director, Trek Medics International

Planet stewardship

We have made commitments to protect the environment to ensure we are doing our part to promote a healthy global ecosystem and climate. We are committed to working with our suppliers, customers, grantees, and employees to create an inclusive low-carbon economy.

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Mercy Ships

Our ESG commitments are integrated into our business planning, and they show up in everything we do. That’s easy to say—and many companies do—but we’ve achieved buy-in from the entire business to systematically put it into practice.”

Howard Wilson (he/him)

Chief Financial Officer & ESG Executive Sponsor

Responsible business practices

We’re institutionalizing ESG into how we operate as a company and continuing to execute an environmental and social impact strategy that is cross-functional, systematic, and measurable. We’re growing and strengthening our business in a way that reflects our corporate values and our vision to build a more equitable world and sustainable future.

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PagerDuty is at the forefront of purpose-driven companies applying a social impact lens to create business resilience and meet diverse stakeholder needs. We demonstrate that a high performing, diverse company can deliver shareholder returns, customer value, and measurable societal impact.”

Olivia Khalili (she/her)

Vice President, Global Social Impact