Looking Ahead

Scaling our impact to meet urgent needs faster to advance justice and health


Now more than ever, digital services are an essential part of any mission-driven organization’s ability to meet the diverse needs of the individuals they serve, with the power to literally save lives. From empowering Dutonians to become change agents in their own communities, to leveraging our resources and product to build a more responsive, equitable, and sustainable future, PagerDuty will continue to create opportunities for those working hard to make a difference in the world by helping them solve the digital challenges their organizations face and scale our impact together.”

Jennifer Tejada (she/her)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairperson, PagerDuty

Alongside the challenges of 2020, we witnessed the resilience of communities, held frank conversations rooted in empathy, and learned the depths of our own adaptability.

What’s clear as we look ahead is the need for considerably greater justice. We need more responsive and equitable health systems and climate safeguards, and communities to be empowered with the support and tools needed to meet these challenges.

In 2021, PagerDuty.org will expand our areas of impact through the programs we start up and scale (what we do), and our business practices (how we do it).

International Medical Corps and Kiva.org

What we do:

In 2021, we will maintain momentum on our long-term strategic commitments in Time-Critical Health and Justice and Equity, deepening our financial commitments and further integrating our product into our grantmaking programs. Through this model, grantees receive unrestricted financial funding, access to the PagerDuty platform at no cost, and specialized technical support from Dutonians to implement and optimize the product for their mission-critical work. We’ll expand our pro bono employee volunteer corps to ensure our grant partners and nonprofit customers have the technology and support they need to excel, and we’ll double the number of impact organizations using PagerDuty by scaling up our nonprofit go-to-market team.


How we do it:

We will expand early investments in our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) program to ensure that how we operate as a business produces a positive impact. In 2020, we launched an integrated, cross-company ESG strategy and Steering Committee to inform an internal assessment, and will use this as a baseline for new investments. We also implemented company policies around human rights, privacy, and business ethics. And we updated our Acceptable Use Policy for the PagerDuty platform to ensure our technology is not used to promote discriminatory and hateful action. Building on this work, we will perform a formal assessment and direct new investments to increase vendor diversity and reduce our carbon emissions.

Core to our philosophy is practicing radical collaboration with our grantees through a participatory grantmaking approach that empowers those with lived experiences to inform our strategy and commitments. Recognizing that health, equity, and climate outcomes are all inextricably linked, we will cultivate cross-sector partnerships with other funders, government groups, and businesses to advance progress. And, we will continue to practice transparency by open-sourcing our methodology and programming, so that other social impact programs can both build on our work and learn from our challenges.

More than anything, we are excited to continue our work alongside our partners, customers, and colleagues, whose resilience and commitment to an equitable, healthy, and sustainable future inspires us every day.


Dates covered:

Except where noted, all figures are reported for the 2020 calendar year.

Employee volunteering and giving:

Data around employee volunteering and giving were pulled from PagerDuty’s internal database in Benevity.

Nonprofit customers:

The number of nonprofit customers reported here includes only organizations receiving product discounts and credits through our Impact Pricing program. For Impact Pricing eligibility criteria, see: https://www.pagerduty.com/foundation-eligibility/

Value of product donations and discounts:

Product donations and discounts were calculated by adding the ARR (annual recurring revenue) dollar value of product discounts provided to all organizations participating in Impact Pricing.