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2020 Highlights

$1,167,716 in financial grants donated to 418 organizations through strategic giving and employee match donations.


donated to local communities as part of our rapid response work, to address emergency needs related to COVID, racial injustice, and natural disasters


to three organizations as part of our Time-Critical Health grantmaking portfolio


to 15 organizations as part of our new Just & Equitable Communities portfolio’s approach to grantmaking focuses on the visions of movement leaders, activists, and their communities, with the goal of accelerating systemic change.

To honor the expertise of our grantees and promote innovation, we provide our grants as unrestricted funding. We augment funding with product donations and access to specialized pro bono employee expertise—from platform implementation to user experience—to meet multiple areas of need for our grantees. We also use PagerDuty’s public platform to increase visibility for our grantees’ work with new audiences.

Code Tenderloin

We rose to meet the challenges of 2020 by deploying funding that was responsive to both emergent and systemic needs.

First, we launched a round of rapid response grants in our global hubs for COVID-19 relief and racial justice—helping local organizations from North America, to Australia, to the UK provide critical support.  

We then made investments in two long-term grantmaking initiatives: Time-Critical Health and Just and Equitable Communities. 

Trek Medics

Our Time-Critical Health portfolio builds off earlier grants to ensure access to medical care for hard-to-reach communities. It supports organizations working to save lives by reaching people faster, with a focus on technology-forward solutions that provide access to care for under-resourced populations. This ranges from supporting emergency dispatch communications for low-income or minority neighborhoods, to developing sensor monitoring to remediate power outages in rural clinics. 

Our Just and Equitable Communities initiative works to combat systemic discrimination. It adopts an ecosystem approach to address obstacles to voter access and engagement by providing funding, platform donation, and amplification to five organizations tackling barriers to free and fair elections.

When We All Vote

By combining the power of ColdTrace sensor alerts and PagerDuty’s responsive platform, we can help to alert stakeholders about power outages in health facilities with the highest number of COVID-19 cases. Knowing when the power goes out allows us to trigger timely messages to healthcare workers, who can take quick actions to restore power and save lives.”

Marym Mohammady (she/her)

Program Manager at Nexleaf Analytics

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Time-Critical Health

Just & Equitable Communities


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Except where noted, all figures are reported for the 2020 calendar year.

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Data around employee volunteering and giving were pulled from PagerDuty’s internal database in Benevity.

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